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Looking for durable, high-quality

and energy-efficient aluminium

clad windows  in Calgary and

surrounding areas?

Benefits of aluminum clad  windows

  • High-performance windows

  • Manufactured to suit all architectural applications

  • No noticeable exterior sealants or fasteners

  • Windows are welded at their corners to ensure a watertight seal

  • Wide variety of custom or standard exterior colours

  • Easy maintenance no exterior painting is ever required

Aluminium Clad Windows

Wood windows have always been a desirable choice for homeowners, and even with the introduction of other types of window choices wood is still considered a Traditionally Sophisticated Choice.


Aluminium-clad wood windows offer the superior strength and durability of aluminium frame windows and the warm comforting aesthetics of real wood. Aluminum Clad windows offer a lower-maintenance option overall wood windows and show high resistance to the outside elements.


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