Composite Door Frames

True Bespoke offers Composite Door Frames that are build to create a Reliable and Long Lasting entryway for your home! This type of frame is a great alternative to a popular wooden door frame due to it's Durability.

Doors that built to last

Composite Door Frames combine the strength and convenience of a wooden door frame, but with enhanced properties such as twice the power of wooden doors frames for screw-holding.


Composite Frames are constructed with full-length PVC composite material. These frames will never absorb Moisture, Rot, Splinter, or Rust like Wood and Metal door frames.


  • Low maintenance·        

  • Resistance to wear, splitting and impact

  • Excellent nail and screw holding strength

  • Great paint, stain and glue adhesion

  • Resistant to mould or mildew

  • Moisture and termite-proof material

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