Secure, high-quality and energy-efficient  fiberglass entry and

garden doors   available in

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Fiberglass Entry and Garden Doors

Fiberglass Entry and Garden doors are valued for durability, resisting denting, splitting, cracking and warping. Lightweight in their nature, these doors are exquisite home furnishing pieces that grace the exterior and interior of your house environment.


These doors come in both smooth and textured (wood-grain) finish and can be painted or stained (textured). Also available in a wide variety of panel designs and glass options.

Benefits of fiberglass doors

  • All fiberglass doors are filled with special foam insulation, which offers at least seven times the insulating properties than wood doors

  • Corrosion-free, resists warping, splits, bowing and cracking

  • Can be customized to your size selection

  • Low-maintenance material

  • Composite frame construction

  • Real wood like finishing

  • Customizable to most door glass sizes and styles

  • Suitable for the Abloy® Protec2 advanced lock system. Learn more about our highly secured locking system 


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Doors Hardware Available In Many Styles and Colours

We offer a comprehensive array of durable, secure, and beautiful handlesets, locking systems in multiple styles and finishes. Save yourself the hassle and have all the necessary hardware installed by using our professional service.

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