Aluminium Cladding

Progression in window technology doesn't stand still, and the new innovations offer more energy efficiency, security and hassle-free maintenance. Take a look at some of the innovations we implement in our windows.   


Never Paint Again!

Aluminium Cladding comes in real handy to save money on the house maintenance, especially when the exterior of your house is frequently exposed to harsh weather conditions. For example, consider the ravages of typical Alberta winters combined with the pounding intensity of summer sun.


Well, it's a no-brainer to realise that such weather conditions decrease the lifespan of your exterior surfaces significantly. How to protect those vulnerable areas in my house, you ask? We've got you all covered with our Aluminium Cladding Services.

What is Aluminum Cladding?


  • It's an exterior aluminium cap that covers the existing wood frames for a maintenance-free, weather-protective seal.

  • The exterior is covered with a tough, weather-resistant aluminium cladding.

  • It prevents the development of mould and fungus so the surface will never rot! 

  • It will also not deteriorate under changing weather conditions, will not crack and require any maintenance!

Available in more than 20 different colours and styles  – we can match cladding with your windows, doors, siding and other exterior and interior elements of your house.

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