Roto NT Window Mechanism


Market leader for Tilt & Turn windows

Durable and made of high-quality materials

Available in vast colours and technical variations.

Increased security

About Roto Window and Door Technology

Established in 1935, Roto has since become a worldwide leading producer of window and door hardware components. Their award-winning mechanical multi point locking systems are recognized by the industry’s top professional bodies for unmatched engineering, durability, security and quality.

Reliable locking system

Thanks to shock-absorbing plastic clips and rubber inserts in a joint between the frame and the scissor hinges, you can operate a window smoothly without any hassle.

Window Closeup

Made to last years

The lifespan of the Roto NT hardware is 10 years, which translates into 20,000 cycles of opening, tilting and closing. Such service life is achieved by using a high quality metal component that undergoes three-phase application of: 1) zinc, 2) chromate film with nanoparticles and 3) finishing with additional outer protective coat of RotoSilNano.

Roto Swing Handles

Lockable 40 Nm

Equipped with turn cylinder for locking and unlocking; suitable as child safety lock


Prevents forcible displacement of the hardware from the outside; operates upon pressing the button

Handle Colours

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