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High Security Lock Systems

ABLOY® PROTEC2 is the latest development of the rotating disc technology that is unlike anything currently on the market. It offers numerous UNSURPASSED features and benefits over conventional locking products. New PATENTED features in keys as well as in cylinders are protected by worldwide patents until 2031. Learn more about this locking system below

A security system of the 21st century

The Abloy® Protect2 is one of the most advanced locking systems in the world today, with benefits including:

  • Unique disc technology

  • The security level has been further improved in ABLOY® PROTEC2 with new disc controller and key design. 

  • Patented disc controller structure requires a moving element in the key.

  • Keys, key blanks and cylinder structure are patented.

  • Unauthorized key copying is raised to a new level.

Our mission is to meet your needs for High Security Locking solutions and most importantly to Protect You and Your Home from the challenges and security threats of the Modern World.


ABLOY® PROTEC2 is durable and long lasting due to it's superior quality and precision manufacturing. It can easily be transfered from your current home to your new home, therefore this is a Long Term Investement. 

ABLOY Protec2 Lock system
ABLOY Protect2 deadbolt
ABLOY Protec2 Key
ABLOY Pretec2 Deadbolt

Did You Know?

It is no secret that most of the currently sold locks in the hardware stores are easily compromised. In the world of YouTube, anyone can find a tutorial for absolutely everything, and you might have guessed already the lock picking is one tutorial available to absolutely everyone. Not only that, but Lock Picking Kits are Sold Freely on Amazon to anyone who wishes to purchase them. 

There are 2 Commonly Used Techniques used to break into homes:


1. Lock Picking - requires some practice, and with the tools that are widely available, is quite an easy way to get into your home.


2. Lock Bumping - ready for this? REQUIRES NO SKILL at all! Anyone can create a bump key from any old key and open the front door of most homes without leaving any trace. This topic was discussed on major media such as NBC and there are plenty of articles available on Google.


The worst thing about home invasion by lock picking/bumping is that there is virtually no sign of forced entry, and in certain situation, even you will not be able to find out if someone has entered your property until you discover a missing item. Try then explaining this forced entry into your home to your insurance provider. 

"A professional lock picker can open absolutely anything, with the exception of High-Security Locks. In the case of ABLOY® PROTEC2, not even a professional can compromise it. What does that tell you?"

Do you want to keep your house protected from the housebreakers?

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