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Boost home efficiency with a window replacement

Windows are essential part of any energy-efficient home

Windows fill your living space with natural light, provide beautiful views and contribute to the overall design of your house. As pleasant as windows may be they do contribute to energy loss, especially in the winter months.

With newer energy-efficient window technology, you can reap the benefits of having lots of windows in your home without experiencing significant energy loss.

Older windows are often the culprit for escaping the heat in winter time. Over the years they may have worn out from constant use and exposure to weather.

In some cases, weather-stripping, hardware, and frame materials can suffer wear and tear and start letting in cold drafts. Windows have evolved from single pane, to double, triple glazed, to double layer insulated systems.

Is it time for your home to have a window replacement?

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What is the Energy Star?

According to Energy Star, energy-efficient windows, doors, and skylights will:

  • reduce your home energy costs by 7 to 12 percent

  • reduce or eliminate cold drafts

  • collect less condensation

  • reduce noise from outside

You should check for the Energy Star labels to determine a window’s energy efficiency. Energy Star windows are rated differently for specific climate zones.

They meet strict standards for efficiency in all areas of the product that is best suited for your climate. You can look at the Energy Star Map of Canada to determine what zone you are in.

Today’s windows are far better designed compare to older products. Energy efficient windows have insulated PVC or hybrid frames, Low-E glass, double or triple pane with inert gas sealed in for insulation and improved hardware to ensure they’re more airtight.

Energy-efficient homes increase an overall home value

A home buyer will first look at the conditions of your windows and doors before purchasing your home.

Replacement of the old windows also have a good return on investment.

The Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report for 2016 shows that a vinyl window replacement will add over 73% of it’s price to the value of your home at resale.

You will also enjoy saving money on your monthly heating and cooling bills, adding even more value to your new energy efficient windows.

Window Replacement Options

True Bespoke Windows has many window replacement options for you to choose from that will meet your specific needs and your overall design of the house.

Choose anything from bay and bow windows, casement and awning windows, single hung and single slider windows, or classic picture hung windows.

You can even decide on material that your new window is made of.

For instance, PVC windows are durable, long lasting, made from recycled materials and energy efficient.

Hybrid windows combine the contemporary exterior of aluminum finish with the warmth and thermal performance of a PVC interior.

Aluminum clad windows are a sophisticated choice for homeowners as they offer the superior strength and durability of aluminum frame windows with the warm and comforting aesthetics of real wood.

Go to a windows section on our website to learn more about your options.

Window replacement company in Calgary

True Bespoke Windows is one of the most trusted window replacement companies in Calgary. We offer an extensive range of window and door products and services for homeowners of all types.

Our products are customizable that meet your requirements and specific design preferences. Our expertise, combined with years of experience and proven track record ensures you’ll experience the highest quality of workmanship and professional service.

True Bespoke Windows has some of the best window and door replacement installers working in Calgary and Surrounding Areas.

Get your new energy-efficient windows today! Contact True Bespoke Windows!


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