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Top 7 Myths About Windows Replacement

Updated: Nov 23, 2020


Since the dawn of time, the humans used storytelling to communicate with each other and explain the world and man’s experience.

For example, what caused the earthquakes or volcano eruptions.

At their core, all stories began with the first person who told the second person a “true” story, then the second person would tell the third and fourth a slightly different version, often inserting their own facts, characters and plot twists to adopt the story to their own belief system.

And people based all story alterations on both fictional and real facts, which often originated from the one’s own view of the world.

Your life events, feelings, experiences and other factors all affect your interpretation and how you dictate the story.

When it comes to choosing a product or starting a new renovation project, we often go online in search for reviews, inspiration or forum discussions where stories about unhappy experiences are shared with the forum members—all this information ultimately support our decision for or against buying that specific product.

Apparently, a lot of information gathered online, as we mentioned above, is based on own’s experiences and feelings.

Or, myths that travel from one forum to another.

So, what seems to be a bad product experience for you will most likley form an opinoin that contains biases and negative interpretations, and vice versa.


Are there any misconceptions that surround windows replacement?

Part of our daily work at Bespoke Windows is to address many concerns and questions that homeowners might have prior to replacing their old windows.

To debunk some of the common myths about windows replacement, we’ve listed them down in this blog post to help you make more informative decisions about your next window replacement project.  

Table of contents:

 #1 Cheap or Expensive Windows, It Doesn’t Matter
 #2 Energy Efficient Windows Don’t Make a Big Difference
 #3 The Style of the Window is All About Looks
 #4 You Can't Replace Windows During the Winter
 #5 Replacement Windows Won’t Affect Your Home's Resale Value
 #6 All Windows Require the Same Amount of Maintenance
 #7 Easy Installation

#1 Cheap or Expensive Windows, It Doesn't Matter

Answer: false

Have you ever wondered how some companies afford a luxury of installing windows at ridiculously low prices?

The answer is by offering a cheap and rediculously assembled product  – or C.R.A.P. in short.

Low quality windows barely surpass a 10-year mark.

You can write a few more years off the 10-year mark, if you hire an unskilled labour to install your windows.

Bad installers tend to neglect the proper installation procedures in favour to speed and quantity of orders.

And once your windows step beyond their service life, they start to act like the villains whose sole purpose is to cause as much damage to your property as they can before you eliminate them.

If you disregard the first signs of detorioaration like leaking, rotting wood frames, drafts or other critical signs, then you can end up living in a damaged property, incurring unforeseen expenses to your already full list of home renovation projects.

However, the biggest downside is that you need to go through the replacement process again, which means you’ll have to:

  • search for the best and trustworthy windows companies;

  • familiarize yourself with the most recent advancements in the windows industry to understand how they benefit your property;

  • dive in the endless stream of forum discussions to see yet again the same group of people ranting about their bad experiences with the windows replacement.

This rotation of events will likely occur quite often when you choose to deal with companies offering cheap and poor quality windows.

So do you still believe that cheap and slightly more expensive windows are the same?

Speak with an expert about your future windows replacement project. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

#2 Energy Efficient Windows Don't Make A Big Difference