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Upgraded Security & Rot-Free Door Series   


Upgraded Security & Rot Free Series includes:


Composite Door Frame



  • Low maintenance·        

  • Resistance to wear, splitting and impact

  • Excellent nail and screw holding strength

  • Great paint, stain and glue adhesion

  • Resistent to mold or mildew

  • Moisture and termite proof material





Abloy Procec2 extreme security lock Deadbolt. 

Heavy duty lever handle. 



  • One of the most secure locks in the world. 

  • Long term investment. Moving to a new home? Easy to take it with you!






This Package is Available for Any Door of Your Choice!

Visit the Link Below to View the Selection of Doors We Offer


2 Panel Planked Camber Top

Upgraded Security & Never Rot Package 

***Price includes Supply & Install

Regular Price: $2 380


Our Special:   $2 090

2P Planked Camber Top Door

White Lami. Full Lite

Upgraded Security & Never Rot Package




***Price includes Supply & Install

Regular Price: $2 568


Our Special:   $2 290

Did You Know?

It is no secret that most of the locks that are currently sold in the hardware stores are easily compromised. In todays modern world, there is a Tutorial for absolutely everything, and yes - Lock Picking is one of those tutorial available to absolutely everyone. Not only that, but Lock Picking Kits are Sold Freely on Amazon to anyone who wishes to purchase them.


There are 2 Commonly Used Techniques used to break into homes:


1. Lock Picking - requires some practice, and with the tools that are widely available, is quite an easy way to get into your home.

2. Lock Bumping - ready for this? REQUIRES NO SKILL at all! Anyone can create a bump key from any old key and open the front door of most homes without leaving any trace. This topic was discussed on major media such as NBC and there are plenty of articles availbale on Google.


The worst thing about home invasion by lock picking/bumping is that there is virtually no sign of forced entry, and in certain situation even you won't know if someone has been in your home until you actually find whatever it is that is missing. 

Try explaining that to your insurance provider...

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